Sunday, 27 April 2014

Venus Factor-Why vegan food is more expensive

 It struck me that. "
And what do you think is the relationship that you bake chicken for lunch? '
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Then came the fact that in the same household would on things like food should have a common budget.
I refused this with the fact that we eat differently, so it would be too complicated. As if waiting for my answer, I immediately told him that I only complicate it.

"If you eat like normal people, so it could be done."

That really upset me. And so it goes round and round.
It seems to me that I'm doing it on purpose.

Vegan food is more expensive, of course, meant a special material.
Peter has a full refrigerator and its rather "normal" food, but then it is a dream to be my special cookies without milk, although you can take anything. I do not get it!

Otherwise I understand and respect other things we agree on.
But here it seems to me as if he found any area over which wants to have power over me.
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Even her friends have a need to pull my veganism and slightly contemptuous to comment. I got used to it and not react, the more dials.

In fact, I did more and more upset. Surely it will not be like this all the time, I was mad. But diverge because of this sort of thing seems pretty petty ..

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