Monday, 28 April 2014

John Barban-The five rules for slimming destruction

Start your day with a morning cup of water. Exercise and a cup before and after the completion cup, then another three
with three daily meals
Eat breakfast refreshing
Many people do not feel any desire to eat in the morning and think that if they did not eat breakfast, they of calorie consumption, but this is wrong.
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Morning breakfast affects: metabolism and burn calories during the day and on the quality and the amount of physical energy - and the feelings of hunger!

Metabolisms are at the lowest levels, and you sleep If I woke up the morning, the process begins to pay attention to, but need to be defended and support for takeoff. Breakfast is this motivation and support if this did not address the breakfast will be a slow metabolism.

This is not difficult. In the end I want you to drink 9 cups of water, and I mean by regular water does not carbonated or sparkling waters clear water only.

Do not take alcohol
It is (me this I) and because alcohol is rich in calories: 7 calories in 1 g, compared to 4 calories in grams of protein, carbohydrates and calories in 9 g fat. And alcohol metabolism slows down and frustrates all the vital processes in the body.

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