Monday, 28 April 2014

John Barban-Chicken upside down in a healthy way

Give you these are time-eaters known to contain carbohydrates and protein, but in a healthy way, and like in the kitchen diet with healthy food named "deprived".

Estimated listen to any dish you like, but in a way healthy.
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Ingredients: "For four people almost"

Chicken pieces loose skin "by the quantity desired"

4 eggplants the size of the center
3 pills potato the size of the center

Onion large

Tomato large
Cup text of rice
Bharat Love, (Black Pepper - Hill - students - latency - and Shui salt).

We cut the eggplant and potatoes to the rings are can be sprayed with Vegetable oil or a teaspoon of oil olive before the barbecue for the chicken pieces are boiled and after boiling, add to the onions and tomatoes after volatility on fire tranquil and then we wash the rice and put it on the water boiled chicken and add flavorings "spices.Click Here

" and put it on the fire until properly equipped, and we then followed by a row eggplant, potatoes and chicken and then after the final layer of rice.

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