Sunday, 20 April 2014

Venus Factor-Eating habits contribute to weight gain

There are many habits that contribute to weight gain does not pay attention to a lot of ladies. These habits if they are disposed of with the passage of time, you will notice a decrease in the weight without resorting to harsh diets and habits:

Watching TV while eating
A study conducted at the posts of obese women who cut their number of times watching television by 50% managed to burn 119 calories a day, an average of 6 kg per year. And you can multiply those results by doing many of the activities of light while watching TV, such as household chores simple. When doing household chores such as washing dishes everyday clothes will be less chances of snacks, which plays a negative role in weight gain steadily.More Pages here

Tip: If my grandmother yourself unable to resist your appetite for a snack can choose a meal rich in fiber and low in sugars.

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