Tuesday, 22 April 2014

John Barban-Causes of obesity

"Fat" is the body fat mass by organs too often caused by obesity, a major factor, as follows.
External cause  of this is the major cause that makes people fat.  way to lose weight  without exercise caused by excessive Are consuming more food than your body needs.
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The diet is heavy emphasis on meat, fat, starch or dessert which things these are stored in the body than necessary, it will morph into the fat to accumulate in various parts of the. body habit to eat is also important.

The people who are at risk of obesity. Usually it is a bad habit, "not a fussy eater" when we are eating more than they need to accumulate. And while no further use. Such as exercise Or stretch in various ways were soon to an accumulation of fat on tight.

Internal cause  of the most common disorders of the endocrine glands such as the thyroid, pituitary gland, which causes fat around the arms, thighs and abdomen.
Mind and emotions  with the amount of fat intake depends on the mental and emotional moments, such as anger, stress, eating off by this group will have the feeling that eating will help calm the mind. Turned to eating as a spiritual anchor.  reduce weight pantip which will lead to an imbalance between feeling hungry and feeling full. When the appetite increases. Intake would be increased to the point that eating the capacity loss will follow soon.

Causes of congenital  If we have parents who are obese. Children will have the opportunity to weight percent.  40th
Disease  , which can result in some diseases such as diabetes, obese patients with high blood pressure.

Taking certain drugs  that affect the body causing obesity. Some people may receive steroid hormones for a long time. Or some women have control injections or oral contraceptives for long. It is a cause of obesity as well.

Gender  , most often found Females are fatter than males, because females tend to prefer natural recruitment of eating all the time. The only time pregnancy is to eat more obesity problems. When after childbirth The proportion of females are obese than men.  4:1
Age  increases with age, it is less efficient processes within the body down. The metabolism Moreover, to  reduce weight pantip tardiness will result in using less energy. Obesity causes more easily

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