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The relationship between lack of vitamin D and weight gain

cOften called vitamin D to "sunshine vitamin" because your skin is naturally manufactured by when they are abroad (in the sun).

Until recently, scientists have been that the basic biological function of vitamin D is to help the body absorb calcium, which helps build strong bones and avoid osteoporosis. However, according to the "Journal of Nutrition", associated with low levels of vitamin D3 persons who suffer from overweight and obesity
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According to a study conducted, could by measuring vitamin D levels at the beginning of a weight loss program to accurately predict the amount of weight loss in participants. Where he developed the study Thirty-eight of the men and women who are overweight on a diet consisting of 750 calories per day for a period of 11 weeks

Lost participants who have low vitamin D levels less weight and less abdominal fat than those who have higher levels of vitamin D

Assure and through my experience with my patients who in the clinic, that a lot of them, especially them and when I asked them to check the level of vitamin D, and found that they do not exceed the rate of ten, while the normal range should not come down from the rate of thirty to seventy!
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What we did not expect is an outbreak of a lack of vitamin D among young people in sunny areas, we also found that girls who suffer from a lack of vitamin D is not usually fatter, especially in the abdominal area of their counterparts who enjoy the natural rate of vitamin D.

Several studies have also linked over the past few years, vitamin D deficiency and weight gain. Ranging study from the University of Michigan in the medical records of nearly 500 school children over a period of 30 months

The researchers discovered that those children who have the lowest levels of vitamin D have increased their weight during the 30 months of the study. Another study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in January 2009, that vitamin D deficiency causes weight gain and stunted growth in adolescents.

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