Friday, 25 April 2014

Learn about the most powerful essential oils to strengthen hair

Own hair oils work to maintain the health of the hair and the strength and brilliance, as protected by the bombing, and today we will look to the most important benefits of essential oils.
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Cactus oil to prevent hair loss: cactus oil is used in massage the scalp daily, has been proven that aloe vera prevents hair loss as he addresses the crust, and can be used as oil or aloe vera cream.

Oil pebbles to Ban Plastic Black Hair: take care of this oil black hair and maintains its luster, add a few drops of oil to the pebbles that to the final rinse water and leave on the hair. This oil is fit to care for all hair types, especially dry hair.

Chamomile oil to the beauty of blond hair: blond hair are advised to add some points of chamomile oil to the final rinse water when washing your hair daily with proven effectiveness and feasibility of chamomile oil in maintaining the beauty of blond hair.

Rose oil to care for all types of hair: The addition of a few drops of rose oil to the rinse water final, gives the hair shine and luster and attractive, as was proven the effectiveness of this oil and its validity for all types of hair, without exception, where he tonic and nutritious at the same time.

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