Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Joey Atlas Review-Preparation for the anti-cellulite body wraps

Deep cleansing - Serves as preparation for the anti-cellulite body wraps, and increases their efficiency. Carried out in order to remove the horny scales of the epidermis, to eliminate rough skin, clean pores and prepare the dermis to the application of cosmetics to effectively use the professional peel or salt scrub even an ordinary sea salt,Visit my Web Pages http://www.fatlosspot.com/truth-about-cellulite-review/

 which is sold in pharmacies. The main thing is that the funds have tonic qualities, and in addition to cleaning and provided more resolving action. Exfoliation makes skin smooth, soft, fresh, clean and smooth. For sensitive and delicate skin, choose a structurally unstable scrub with finer particles. Apply to the body with soft circular motions to avoid damaging the skin.

Cellulite massage - The essence of massage as follows: under the influence of hand pressure point occurs at an increased area exposed cellulite.

This causes the cells of subcutaneous fat to work hard, activating all the processes of intracellular metabolism. As a result of the fibrous skeleton of cells and dissolves excess fluid from the cell and taken out. This liquid contains a lot of dross, which is necessary to remove as quickly as possible. For this you need to spend lymph drainage massage thighs.

Of lymphatic drainage massage for thighs at home forcefully rub into the skin specially prepared oil mixture or cream and massage alternately with both hands outside of the thigh then vigorously chop, pat and thigh to tone up this area of the skin and revitalize the blood supply.

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