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John Barban-How to lose weight by egg

Anyone knows a good pretty far, the word "fat".  Sayers But in addition to this, people like to say that obesity is the cause of various diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure or even heart disease.

Nowadays, many people choose the wrong way to lose weight whether it's liposuction surgery or medication. It has no side effects as much feeling. Despite the fact that there are many natural ways to lose weight ways to make a good and healthy at the same time
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For a simple theory of losing weight is to use more energy to eat. For those who intend to lose weight really. Follow the instructions below.  did not drink alcohol   because These beverages contain ethanol, which provides energy 7 kcal per gram. The body fat burning ethanol. Thus permitting the accumulation of fat within the body

 Prohibited starve   because fasting may Hazardous to health And also eating meals next volume than usual.  eating carbohydrates Do not eat fat, but   fat All forms of energy are high.

The energy than carbohydrate weight equal to two times and the worse thing is Body can make fat from fat ingested. Using energy only slightly while turning carbohydrates into fat requires a power increase of almost two.

As though most low-fat diet Thailand. But now the popular Thailand turned to high-fat diet increased. The cuisine is typically around 30-40 percent fat people who want to lose weight to reduce dietary fat to less than 30 percent should eat low fat naturally or processed foods with low fat.

And a little sugar and eat more complex carbohydrates Although this method seems to be complicated, but actually easier than you think. When compared to having to calculate calorie consumption.

In everything to meet the criteria (1,200 kcal per day) and then count that reducing fat in the diet is easy. And more effective than ever  to exercise more regularly.  , and Do not hope to exercise to lose weight alone. But should be trained to treat the happy habit for life

If you do, we will have the right weight forever. For the two types of exercise are aerobic, such as swimming, dancing, running, aerobic dance, blackjack and an aerobics such as weight lifting, the exam will accelerate the metabolism of the body. This will make them fat used as energy. 

Abstain from eating sweets and drinks that are sugar   free gifts, fruits and vegetables regularly. It also provides vitamin And minerals, then Also provides fiber A gold tie And Im not feeling hungry but not eating fruits that are high in sugar.

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