Sunday, 20 April 2014

Venus Factor-Contribution of Eating habits for weight gain

Eating in late
The body to burn fat while you sleep, but provided they do not fill the stomach before bedtime. It has made a study at the Institute of anti-obesity monitor eating habits and sleep with 52 people over the course of seven days and proved that people who ate the food after the eighth were not able to burn excess calories.

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Some restaurants concentrated fruit juices that increase the proportion of fructose and components and condensation that alone would inject large amounts of calories that are difficult to get rid of them after that. It is best to replace those juices, fresh juices and light free of artificial ingredients.
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Do not drink the water in adequate quantities
The drinking water in adequate quantities is very necessary to help the body to function optimally. And increase drinking water help you stay agile over the years have proven in a study conducted at the University of Ottawa many volunteers that people who to drink two glasses of water before each meal were able to have 30% more weight than their counterparts.

 It cans double the impact by placing ice cubes. According to a study by American researchers, proved that eating 6 cups of cold water a day stimulates metabolism and helps burn 50 calories a day, an average of 3 kg of weight per year.

And vary the daily needs of water from one person to another depending on the weight and physical activity, and the degree of sweating and climate, and in addition to that, the consumption of other liquids such as milk, coffee, tea and adds to the amount of fluid in the body, it is worth mentioning that the body gets too fluid through food, For example, soups, vegetables, fruits, milk products containing more than 80% of the water.

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